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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Northwest Items

Northwest Items
In 2001 Oregon and Washington created a panel to advise them on a new bridge over the Columbia River on I-5 to replace the Glenn Jackson Bridge. A year later they presented 8 options for the states to consider. They continued to study the problem for another 3 years and have recently created a new task force that will study the environmental, financial and legal aspects, and is expected to come up with a plan by 2008. They state that the new bridge, whatever it may be, could be completed as early as 2015 for a paltry $1.2 billion. It took less time and money to make the first trip to the moon, for crying out loud.

Another case of government failing to get their priorities straight. The Oregon State Police have a DNA database made from samples taken from criminals and other suspects. They also have a backlog of tests to run due to lack of funding. After a newspaper article ran explaining the problem several people conducted fundraisers and donated $14,000 in private money to the cause. The 450 tests done from that money enabled them to solve a homicide, a rape and 6 burglaries. I’ve got an idea. At an average cost of $1,750 per crime solved let’s fund the damn program 100% and we’ll get the money from P.G.E. by retroactively billing them for the taxes they collected, but didn’t pay.

The City of Coburg started it and now all the cities are getting on the bandwagon. Every small town with a highway running through it has discovered a pot of gold on the highway in the form of speeding tickets. Portland sits on Highway 26 just east of the Zoo and gets them coming up the hill in a 50-mph zone. C’mon, 50 mph on a 4-lane road with limited access. Hell, Walker Road is 45 mph and it’s residential. Next is Beaverton. They’ve got a little stretch of the Sunset and now I see them out there writing tickets. Rob Drake and Linda Adlard will probably reread the law and figure out a way to put photo radar out there so the cops don’t have to be bothered with all that writing. Filling out the trio is North Plains. They have a cool scam. An officer sits behind the support of the next overpass to the west and shoots his radar down the road toward the westbound traffic. He is even sneaky enough to get out of his car and just peek around the piling with his radar gun. It’s all about safety you know.

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  • It was 10 years ago when I discovered the value of small town police officers monitoring speed changes on the highways. Yes, I was going over the speed limit. No, I did not know that it was 45 mph through Junction City. Yet, this experience was beneficial to all: they got my money and I learned my lesson.

    Heck, this lesson was about 20 years overdue - I just had to refer to my TV education, wherein I would have remembered when this practice first Hazzard county. Is it possible that, after all of the exploitation of power and corruption in our city's the police department, they are exploring the merits of Police Procedures by Sheriff Coltrane? Have they gone so far as to incorporate some footage from the new Dukes of Hazzard movie (coming soon to a theater near you) in a new video training series?
    Is it so far-fetched to think that The ubiquitous corporate entity has infectiously influenced a government institution in order to promote an idea under the guise of public safety and nab this summer's #1 blockbuster hit?
    There is one corporate message (delivered by #1 sellout Ice T)that seems appropriate for use in these situations: "F#@k tha police".

    What are your thoughts on the Rose Fest Waterfront Village/meth market? Any ideas for the cops?

    By Blogger Sindi, at 2:12 PM  

  • Just a minor correction, the Glenn Jackson Bridge is on I-205. The bridge that needs replacement is the Interstate Bridge on I-5. Government is not spending money to replace a bridge that will be servicable for years to come! View the I-5 Partnership website for details.

    By Blogger xj, at 12:01 AM  

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