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Monday, May 30, 2005

Could Andrew Perri be the next “Pre” ?

Recently the Oregonian ran an article on Andrew Perri, an 18 year old from Oakridge , Oregon that is an inspiring young runner. Andrew was raised by his Grandmother since he was an infant and has seen little of his mother and father since they abandoned him. "In his own words, I was born to two children". He has overcome the rough start in life through hard work, determination, and his Grandmother. He is also the two-time defending champion in the 800 meter, where he has the fastest time in the state this year, regardless of classification, and the reigning champion in the 1500 meter. Much of his success is due to the 36 year running coach from Oakridge, Ron Hebert, who helped him get his life in order. Ron has also guided the team to state championships in 2000, 2002 and 2003.
Now Andrew is ready for college and has applied to several schools for a scholarship, time for the hard work to pay off. (And let’s face it, his situation is a perfect example of what they were intended for. ) Thus far he has received a full ride offer from Adams State College in Colorado, nothing from the Oregon schools. He thought about doing a "walk-on" at Oregon but again in his words " I didn’t bust my butt all these years to be a walk-on". It would seem to me that the Oregon schools would give preference to an athlete from our state. Thus far Oregon and Oregon State seem to have adopted the Trailblazers tactic of recruiting troublemakers with a lot of talent and a criminal record. Here is a young man that, although he may place only second, will lend some character to the program and let us once again root for the home team. Maybe Nike will practice what they preach and give him a hand.

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