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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The United Nations Thugs

Is there any doubt that the United Nations has outlived its usefulness. Blue helmeted U.N. soldiers have been dispatched all over the world to combat aggression and protect innocent people and I have yet to see any successes. They currently list 16 locations where peacekeeping forces are present dating back to 1948. Do they ever accomplish the goal of peace? They claim to have done that in 42 countries, including Somalia. Yeah, right. The United Nations is a textbook example of nepotism to the extent that the U.S. refuses to pay it’s dues and even though we are assessed 1/3 of the bill we finance our own actions all over the world. The last year for which I could obtain a budget, 2001 saw them walk through $11.9 billion. Of course that pales in comparison to the $200+ billion we are spending right now.
The point is that the United Nations is a self perpetuating spending machine that is concerned about it’s own existence than about those it is supposed to serve. This story is a good example of what they have evolved into. These assholes, the U.S. included, refuse to admit that an army cannot win against terrorism. Terrorist activities, by their very nature, thrive in a military situation. Doesn’t anyone remember the French underground during WWII? Dictators are allowed to exist because they are granted the status of statesman. They can then negotiate a deal with the U.N. and retire to another country with their plundered funds after killing a few hundred thousand of their own.

The only method that will effectively work against dictators, revolutionists, slaughters, terrorists, etc. is the Rule of Commerce. The same rule that the U.N. depends on for its plunder. The murderous heads of state should be cut off from the rest of the world with absolutely no exceptions. Food and medicine should be shipped to the border. Those that seize power through force should have no where to hide. I’m in favor of saving money and placing a $100 million bounty on their heads, dead or alive. This was supposed to be the plan with Saddam Hussein if Iraq but the U.N. let plenty of money slip through to him and it was clear he would have been allowed to go in exile, a free man.

The second half of the plan calls for the wealthy nations to share the wealth. I know, I worked hard for what I have, let them get their own. The thing is that few will credit luck, government and circumstances for good fortune, only failure. Any millionaire or billionaire, for that matter, who claims to have made it on their own, is patently full of shit. No one “made it” without numerous dedicated employees’ working their butt’s off for a lot less money. You’ve never bought a Nike shoe made personally by Phil Knight and Bill Gates did not write DOS, he bought it. Certainly we could provide a job to a 14-year-old girl in the Congo so she doesn’t have to sell herself to a blue helmeted thug.

We sit here in America beside one of the poorest nations in the world, Haiti. A great deal of their turmoil comes from the inability to provide food and shelter for their people. The U.S. can’t help a country of oppressed people a hundred miles away yet they travel around the world to save the grateful people of Iraq.
In accounts of WWII returning soldiers, they stated that the people in the Netherlands began cleaning streets and picking up bricks to rebuild their country the day after the American troops arrived to liberate them. They also noted that the French asked them who was going to pick up the mess and rebuild France.

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