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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Terri Schaivo & Urban Legend

I’ve been reading a lot about Terri Schiavo lately and now her story is front-page news. Even though this is a matter of our right to control our own destiny and an affront to Oregon’s’ assisted suicide law, what matters more is the bloggers statements that are appearing. I have read some of the statements and done some research on their authenticity.
 I watched the video of the Democrats laughing it up and saw that they laughed at comments by the media, nervous laughter. The statements they made at the press conference were serious. The accusation of their hilarity is crap.
 The statement made by Michael Schiavo on the March 18, 2005 Larry King show that “We didn't know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want...” is an unfinished sentence taken out of context. Larry interrupted him before he finished his statement. For an in depth interview with Michael Schiavo try this.
 Then we get to the opinion on brain dead. If the matter weren't so serious it would be laughable. The article referenced wasn’t written by an M.D. but by Lee Kent Hempfling, Chairman CEO Neutronics Technologies Corporation (USA). It seems that he writes books about the brain and publishes them through the Enticy Institute. “The Enticy Institute is the future center of brain and planet friendly energy studies world wide.” He states “… Terri Schiavo is suffering from a lack of motor control. He brain is sending signals to motion but those signals are not getting through to muscle groups and that results in the inability to speak, move and control motion.” Of course, the neurosurgeons wouldn’t think of this, right?

Watch out for the Bloggers, some of them have a motive.

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  • The Vocal Minority is a radio talk show based out of Seattle that's been around for almost 10 years. I hope you don't have any legal problems with using their name as your blog?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:42 PM  

  • Vocal Minority is also an all male acappella group at Villanova Univ., a Vermont gay men's chorus, a San Francisco gay men's chorus and is an extremely common term.

    By Blogger Chas, at 7:03 PM  

  • In Vermont "A Vocal Minority" is a registered trademark of the Vermont Gay Men's Chorus.
    Rob L.
    Treasurer and founding member of The Vermont Gay Men's Chorus "A Vocal Minority"

    By Anonymous robnyves, at 11:37 AM  

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